We explain the types of bail.


There are four main types of bail

There are four main types of bail

A misdemeanor is an offense designated by law or punishable by fine, imprisonment, or by fine and imprisonment.

A felony is a serious offense designated by law, punishable by imprisonment in a state penitentiary.

When someone is arrested and charged with a Federal or Interstate crime, they can be released through a Federal Bond. Federal crimes include crimes where the defendant crosses a state border, destroys federal property, crimes investigated by the FBI, drug trafficking, evasion of federal taxes, kidnappings, and some types of fraud.

An Immigration Bond is a type of guarantee bond used to release a person living in the United States from the custody of Homeland Security. A guarantee bond is very similar to an insurance contract

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immigration bond

In an insurance contract there are two parties: the insurer (we) and the insured (you) . A guarantee bond issued (the debtor) is a promise to pay (the possessor) does not comply with the obligations, such as complying with the terms of a contract. The guarantee bond protects the holder of the obligation against losses because the accused does not comply with the obligation. In the case of an immigration bond, the debtor is the insurance company and the holder of the debt is the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, and the defendant is the person being detained.