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Small Credit – The ideal solution for financial travel

Image result for small loanThe small loan from . is the right solution if you need a small loan of up to 5,000 euros quickly, which will be paid directly into the account in a short time. Whether for an open bill, an important repair on the car or the purchase of a new smartphone: Small loans for private individuals are ideal for every wish.

  • Fast: 2 minutes request and immediate decision
  • Cheap: No fees, low interest rates
  • Good chances: small loan from private or bank
  • Schufa-Neutral: Without affecting your score

Apply for your small loan completely independent of the purpose and have in a short time already on the money. To do this, . works with private donors who provide you with the money quickly. This saves time and money, because the way to the house bank is eliminated!

A small loan is usually between 100 and 1000 euros , but can also be up to 5,000 euros. Due to the smaller loan amount, the credit check is not as intensive as is the case with classic installment loans. This means that you can get a loan even without pay slips or income proof, which increases the chances of a small loan. The quick processing also has the advantage that you immediately receive a commitment and therefore do not have to wait. With the electronic signature, the so-called eSign , the loan is now completed even faster and can be paid by express directly to the account.

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  • immediate confirmation
  • 100% online
  • Cheap & flexible

How do I apply for a small loan with .?

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Apply for small loan online

Immediate decision

Payout to account
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Small loan? Short application! Due to the short term and lower loan amount the application is easy and fast. The requirements for creditworthiness, income and Schufa information are often lower. The small loan from . is fully online to apply, from the first entry to the final payment. This means that you fill out the application without paper or salary slip, as you confirm your entries directly online. The credit check, the so-called credit check, is carried out automatically on the basis of your entries. Once you have the commitment to your loan, . will immediately arrange for the payment of the loan.

We have the right solution for you

The . microcredit: take advantage of the advantages


  • You will receive immediate feedback on your loan request. No need to wait for feedback or callbacks via service hotlines
  • The payment will be made immediately after approval of the loan. We pay out loans regularly after only a few hours – the money arrives on the account within a short time
  • 100% online: We do not believe in paper, branches or long processing times. We work digitally and you apply for the loan from your smartphone

No costs

  • The loan request is completely free and without obligation. You never have to pay upfront
  • Only in case of success, we will receive a small commission, which we identify transparently at any time. With a 2500 euro small loan over 12 months, this is just 6.25 EUR!

Higher chances of success

  • As a credit platform, we combine the advantages of the banking world and the Internet. We work with private financiers and banks to increase the chances of a commitment and fast payout
  • Through our partner network, we cooperate with professionals from the lending business. We look for a suitable solution for you even in difficult cases

About our service, we are always at your disposal for any questions, whether by phone, mail or chat: Talk to us and we will help you immediately.

Apply for a microcredit online: It’s worth it

Simple and non-binding: Free cash

Due to the simplicity of the application and the low amount of the loan, it is quickly possible to make small purchases, to pay bills or to bridge the time to the next salary receipt.

The use of money is in almost all cases optional, ie it is a loan without a purpose, which leaves many options open. Thus, when applying for no proof about, for example. Property (as in a modernization loan) or the car letter (as in a car loan) are deposited, since the financing is based solely on the creditworthiness of the borrower.

Self-employed and business people

The self-employed, freelancers and tradespeople often use small loans because they receive a loan faster because of the simplified application than a traditional loan for the self-employed. Many traders have to wait a long time for a loan at the bank, which runs counter to the quick payoff of the loan.

Small loans are therefore often used to bridge purchases or to pay bills, which can be an advantage, especially in difficult cases.

Small loan for difficult cases

Even individuals use small loans in difficult cases. From scratch, the car has a damage and the cost of the repair quickly amount to a four-digit amount. Many workers and consumers have a hard time giving up the car and the cost of repair exceeds your budget in one fell swoop.

The loan from a bank usually lasts several days to weeks – first an appointment with the advisor, day-long examination of the documents and the payout only after years felt. This is particularly difficult in urgent cases, as a small loan is needed immediately – and not only after the damage has already been greater.

That’s how easy the small loan is

The solution is a cheap microcredit from . (sometimes known as “mini loan” ). With our microcredit you can get the much-needed financial leeway – without having to go to the bank or branch.

The application is completely online with flexible loan amounts, no matter if you need 1000 Euro credit or even 5,000 Euro. This means that both employees and workers, students or trainees can get a small loan.

If you submit a loan request through our platform, it will not affect your Schufa or Schufa score. Each credit request is completely neutral (“request terms”) and is not a credit request (“request credit”). Thus, you apply for your small loan without any obligation – without affecting the Schufa score.

Requirements for an instant microcredit

The following prerequisites are required for application:

  • majority
  • German residence
  • Account with a bank in Germany
  • Proven income, eg salary, salary, rental income etc.

If you meet these requirements, you can immediately apply for the loan and complete your details. We will then take care of the processing and if everything is correct, we will pay the small loan in 24 hours.

You need this:

  • Computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet
  • E-mail address for sending important documents
  • ID document (identity card / passport)

Private loan: The new alternative on the Internet

Credit platforms such as . make it easy to apply for small loans online and to get the money from private investors and investors. Private individuals invest their own money and receive in return the interest and principal payments. . brings both parties together anonymously through a matching algorithm and ensures a smooth flow of both parties: fast payout for credit seekers and ease of use for investors.

Many people call this model “crowdlending” or “P2P lending” and it works for all types of loans – whether 500 Euro, 2500 Euro or 20000 Euro: Personal loans are an attractive alternative to traditional bank loans. In comparison, many credit platforms are even better off than direct banks or even their own bank thanks to their ease of use, simplicity and good service.

With a small loan from private , several benefits for credit seekers are combined: a simple application via smartphone or laptop, a quick check with immediate feedback and a payment directly to the account. Due to the low loan amounts, a grant may be more likely, as the default risk for a € 500 loan is not as great as for a € 50,000 loan. Try it yourself and get a cheap microcredit from private individuals


Repayment: Convenient in installments or all at once

As fast as you need financing, you can pay back quickly. Therefore, we offer you various options to redeem your loan early. Classically, you will receive up to 5 different alternatives on how to repay your loan before concluding. These depend on the amount of the loan, the interest and the term. If you have enough money to repay the loan at a certain time, you can even do it for free at predetermined times. This is generally always possible for a fixed prepayment penalty according to §502 BGB.

condition calculation FREE
Loan offer & contract FREE
Digital signature FREE
Early repayment (per quarter) FREE
payment reminder FREE
Reminder costs (in case of default, per reminder) 7,50 €

Fast microcredit: You have to do that so that it works with the immediate payment

How much credit do you need?

Image result for small creditWhen you apply for the loan, you should know what the desired loan amount should be. Do you need only 300 euros or directly 3000 euros? Is it worth it to take in more money and risk higher interest costs to pay for important bills immediately, or should you take less money for the repayment to go faster? Before you apply for the loan, you should know what your credit should be

Completing the loan application in peace

A small loan, usually less than 5,000 euros and shorter than a normal installment loan, is easier to apply for than a normal loan, which can be concluded for up to 50,000 euros. In the case of a small loan, creditworthiness is also checked as . must ensure that the borrower also repays the loan. Since the . microcredit is privately funded, it is our job to verify the creditworthiness of each borrower. Keep your personal details, your IBAN for the payment of the loan as well as contact information (eg email) ready

Complete online and receive money

Once you have completed the loan application, you will receive feedback from . on your microcredit. For approved loan applications, we’ll take care of the payout right away, so you’ll have it on the account within 24 hours. Not for nothing is this a small loan with immediate payment, because small money should not be long in coming.