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1. Determine rate anonymously

Without registration, submit a free non-binding condition request. You will receive your individual interest rate immediately after confirmation via Mobile TAN.

2. Complete application

Log in and identify yourself online. You do not need printed documents for your application. You can upload your bank statements via your online salary account.

3. Submit application

Print the contracts, sign both documents and drop them in the nearest mailbox. The payment of your loan will be made promptly with the next matching.

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How does the redevelopment loan from bank work?

With bank you borrow the money directly from the investor. The interest you pay will benefit the people who make the money available to you.
bank itself only receives a small commission to offer you the service for your loan.

Cheap and flexible
We offer you low interest rates and a flexible repayment on your loan.

Anonymous rate determination
Your credit installments will be determined anonymously and without registration for you.

Without documents
You do not need any documents for your loan.

Immediate condition commitment
You will receive an immediate conditional commitment for your loan.

Fast processing
You do not need more than 10 minutes to contract for your loan.

Video Identification
You can easily identify yourself from home or on the go.

running time Borrowing rate * Commission** Eff. APR *
12 months 2.99% 0.25% 3.51%  
24 months 3.46% 0.75% 4.27%  
36 months 3.70% 1.25% 4.62%  
48 months 3.95% 1.50% 4.81%  
60 months 4.10% 1.75% 4.92%  

* The information provided is merely an indication by bank. The actual restructuring loan interest may differ.
** The commission is dependent on maturity and creditworthiness and is payable once upon payment. These can be found in our price and service specifications.

Our services

With your individual credit account, you can keep track of your credit throughout the term. In your login area, you’ll see all the information about your credit, as well as your personal details and information about the investors who have invested in your credit project.

Condition calculation and loan offer FREE  
Open bank account FREE  
account management FREE  
early repayments (once a quarter) FREE  
payment reminder FREE  
Reminder costs (in case of default, per reminder) EUR 7.50  


Interim repayment & early repayment

  • The loan is repayable at any time
  • Interim repayments can easily be made
  • Refund dates without prepayment penalty can be found in the price and service list