Interest-free loan – there is one!

After defeating foreign currency lenders when the Hungarian man hears an interest-free loan somewhere, he will be cynical about the matter, as financial institutions never develop structures that do not benefit them.

How can an interest-free loan be?

Image result for interest free loanThey advertise for interest-free because it is true that there will be no interest on the amount charged , but there will be management costs . We often meet in supermarkets with huge letters on the posters that they can buy a product or even a type of product with an interest-free loan . In this case, you should read the details of the ad in the Terms of Business or on the store’s website, because it is likely that there will be more than 20% of the cost of handling somewhere there. Thus , a loan will be “interest-free” , so the negligent can pay if it is not thorough.

THM: 0% – we are looking for this announcement!


THM means the full rate of interest , which includes all visible and hidden costs , so if you see this, then it is less likely to be tricky, since this value should include all costs. Because of this, when we look at a THM 0% loan, if we meet the credit rating, then we can pay the installments as described, in which case it is really an interest-free loan .

Who benefits from an interest-free loan?

No matter how strange it is, when an older product cannot be sold by merchants with sufficient efficiency, they enter into the financing of the loan, but spin up their stock. This is a kind of risk for them, but since people are no longer responding to 10-20% of the rebates, marketers are resorting to this type of selling technique.