Home Renovation or Modernization Loan – Which one to choose?

Every property’s condition begins to deteriorate after a while, so we decide to renovate something in our home. It can be expensive, so it makes sense to request help with a home improvement loan or home loan modernization.

What is the difference between a home renovation and a home improvement loan?

Before home improvement loans and home loans were taken up for modernization, good to know, what is the difference between the two concepts:

home improvement loan

Home improvement:

We consider the installation, repair or construction of a type of property to repair the property’s original technical condition, in part or in whole , or to improve the condition or appearance of the property. Examples include tiling, plastering, or floor replacement . In short, home renovation means restoring or repairing a property .


Housing Update:

We are talking about modernizing the apartment if it increases the overall comfort of the property . What it means? We have to think about things like public utilities, the installation of equipment for the use of renewable energy sources or the energy-efficient replacement of doors and windows , but heat or sound insulation works are also included . The modernization of the apartment is therefore an increase in the comfort level of the property .

Forms of home renovation and home improvement loans

Three types of home improvement and home improvement loans are divided into three:

Domestic construction:

As it is included in our name, we do it ourselves at home, we do not have a purchased service.

Organized construction:

We are talking about organized execution when we ask a service provider to do some or all of the work for us.

Mixed Design:

In case of mixed construction, during the renovation or renovation works of the home, we apply together the domestic and organized construction methods.

If we are uncertain, be sure to talk to a financial advisor to put our future in the safest hands possible!

Home renovation can be a great solution for home renovation or modernization!