Choose a loan for a flat deposit or a bank loan?

Housing housings, in addition to providing a great savings opportunity, can save money on home loans at the end of the savings. Is the term more favorable for bank housing loans with fixed interest rates?

What is a good homeowner?

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Home savings are primarily for saving purposes. After our monthly payments, we can receive 30%, up to a maximum of HUF 72 thousand a year , plus some deposit interest. Savings can last at least 4, up to 10 years, and the condition of paying the state subsidy is to spend the entire amount on a home.

Housing savings loans are less flexible than a bank home loan , because they are offered for shorter maturities, and their maximum amount can be lower.

Is it a good idea to buy a home or bank loan?

In order to find out, the following factors should be considered in each case:

1. Compare the THM and the installment

2. Examine the potential loan amount, maturity

Based on the above, the amount of loans offered by homeowners is limited . The maximum loan amount for a contract can be increased by entering into more contracts. The maximum maturity for 4-year contracts is 5 years and for 10-year contracts it is 12 years, but in the case of bank mortgage loans the repayment may last for 15-20 years.

3, Examine the required property coverage

In all cases, it is necessary to offer real estate collateral for bank mortgages , but the housing deposit can be considered as such .

Is it worthwhile to add a home loan together with a bank home loan?

This solution can also work, but it is very cumbersome and has an extra cost.

Pay attention to the interest period!

In general, the longer the interest period is fixed, the higher the interest rate on the loan, and thus the proportion of the repayment.

Still worth fixing for a longer interest period!

A 20-25 year housing loan term is long enough for interest rates to rise again, because the current low interest rates will not stay forever, so a few percent interest rate hike can be enough to run the short interest period badly .